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Value(s) for whom?
The Changing Role of Business in Society
25 – 27 May 2016 in Hamburg, Germany
Conference Organization: Prof. Dr. Timo Busch

For the ninth Academic Network Conference the PRI collaborated with University of Hamburg. We were delighted that the conference was once again a part of PRI in Person and was held on 26-27 September at the InterContinental Berlin.
With a membership of over 2,000 academics, investment practitioners and policy makers, the Academic Network represents a diverse array of research interests from
around the world.
The conference focused on the latest research on responsible i
nvestment practices. The event was for academic researchers in the field of SRI and gave also the opportunity to academics and investors to engage with each other, learn and discuss the latest insights, and to network. The conference began with a networking event on the 26th of September.

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