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GRONEN goes Asia

Timo Busch and Carolin Hoyer attended the first ever GRONEN event in Asia, a PhD-workshop and interdisciplinary research symposium. The 2-day event took place from the 14th til 15th of June at Waseda University in Tokyo. 10 PhD-students from around the globe met with a doctoral consortium to discuss their work on behavioural insights on environmental management in organizations.

The consortium, made up by GRONEN president Tobias Hahn (ESADE) and executive committee member Timo Busch (University of Hamburg) as well as Academy of Management ONE Division executive team members Jonatan Pinkse (Alliance Manchester Business School) and Judith Walls (University of St. Gallen), provided in-depth feedback for students with the goal of pushing their research forward. Carolin Hoyer presented her work on “Struggling with purpose: alignment and misalignment of practices in strategizing for grand challenges”.

Foto: PhD workshop participants, photo taken by Mriduchhanda Chattopadhyay


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